Cocoloco Team

Cocoloco Team

The main Cocoloco Team consists of Igor Daniel Tkatsch and Narina Mchitarjan. Not to forget our beloved friend and assistent Felipe. We finally found each other, after many detours. Or you could say: Felipe found us.
We would like to bring a little bit of excitement in this quiet fishermens town, positively speaking. Our love to the sport and to this sleepy small village, filled our heads with a lot of ideas, which we finally are able to realize: kiting, surfing, laughing and showing you the most beautiful spot of the world.

Igor Daniel Tkatsch (german, portuguese, spanish, english)

languages: german, portuguese, spanish, english
Igor, born in Santa Rosa in south brazil grew up with the waves and is surfing since he is 14 years old. After living a long time in germany, the small island Sylt became his adopted home. On Sylt he started his new passion, wavekiting, which combines his two favourite sports, kitesurfing and surfing.
During the summer he is working on Sylt as a kite trainer and in one of the most famous bars on Sylt. Further he enjoyes the “cold days” (as he calles it) and puts on his wetsuit to get as much as possible on the water. Igor is a certified VDWS kiteteacher and also leads passionately the surfing section of our center.
Between october and april he is the managing director of the Cocoloco center in Galinhos brazil and is mainly planning with Felipe how to conquer the kite and surfing world!

Narina Mchitarjan

Languages: german, english, portuguese, , Russian

Narina loves to pass her passion for watersports on to you.
In her free time, Narina loves to go kiting and surfing herelf and is constantly searching for unknown kitespots to take you there. She mix the best caipirinhas in Brazil
Narina makes you feel at home instantly, because she always cares for every guests with any kind of problem.
2016 she was in Galinhos for the first time and decided to make this paradise to her second home. In the meantime she earned the respect and recognition of the locals and feels very welcome in this village.


Felipe came to us to help. And of course to learn kitesurfing and surfing. He really enriched our center by charming all our guests and his acting talent lets every language barrior become unimportant.
Meanwhile (it didnĀ“t take long) he knows how to kite and to surf and is not leaving our sides, which we very much appreciate.
Soon he will also take care of you, help you with whatever he can and will smile at you while pulling off his first handlepass.

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