Hotels in Galinhos

Pousada Brésil Aventure

Located directly next to the Cocoloco Center, you can jump out of bed onto the board.
Because of the Pousada being situated a little bit in the corner of the beach, it is safe from huge wind gusts.
The rooms are spacious and include a hot shower, air conditioning, TV, mini bar and WiFi. In the center of the Pousada is a nice pool.
Breakfast offers a big variety of fruits, pancakes, juices, sandwiches eggs etc. The enclosed restaurant serves great french and brazilian food (Steak 30 R$).

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Pousada Oásis

Really an oasis with little cozy bungalows which are designed in all kinds of colours. The pousada is located on the river side of Galinhos, next to the harbour, which can come handy for course participants who might need to use the boat quite often.
It is decorated very individually and homely. Here you can find small living rooms, terraces and you have the feeling to live in a big tropical garden. The Pousada also includes a small pool and whirlpool.
The prices vary according to the type of rooms. It is also possible to share a room with 4 people (370 R$).

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Pousada Amagali

The recently built, modern Pousada is located on the river side tucked away from the lively village center.
Modern rooms are equipped with hot shower, balcony and air conditioning, as well as a mini bar and TV. On the spacious pool you can relax and enjoy the view on the river. The dining room is a sort of terasse with a modern mediterranian flair.
In addition to the standard rooms Amagali offers two small bungalows which are located freestanding in between palm trees.
From the pousada to the homespot you walk about 15. To the harbour it is only 5 minutes by foot which is practical for boatrides.

Check out our website: amagali.com

Pousada Espaco Galinhos

Infos about the new Pousada: spatermascenter.com.br/pousada_galinhos.php

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