Kitesurfing Lessons Brazil

The location Galinhos

Here in Galinhos you can safely learn how to kitesurf in brazil in the best conditions. Steady winds, warm temperatures and a huge shallow water spot are waiting for you.

The wind is blowing constantly throughout the whole year in Galinhos. The best months for kitesurfing are october till march. Around that time northeast tradewinds are blowing with a strength of 20 to 30 knots.

Our kite and surf teachers are certified by the german VDWS and participate in workshops regularily. We are teaching only with new kitematerial from North Kiteboarding.

Kitecourses Galinhos

discovery course 2 hours (safe kitehandling, bodydrag) 60 €

basic course 8 hours (safe kitehandling, kitecontrol, bodydrag, waterstart, first meters on the board) 290 €

basic course 12 hours (safe kitehandling, kitecontrol, bodydrag, waterstart, riding) 390 €

advanced course 4 hours (all levels from waterstart) 210 €

Our courses are taking place in small groups of a maximum of 4 participants per teacher.

Kiterental Galinhos

Rental with Coaching

1 week kite and board 449 €
1 day kite and board 75 €
1 day board only 15 €

2 weeks kite and board 590 €
2 weeks board only 140 €

Terms and conditions: If renting material from our school, Cocolococenter will ask you to pay a deposit fee of 400 R$(140 €).
We will return this fee after you return the material without any damages. In case of damages we will keep the complete fee for reperation purposes. To be able to rent kitematerial you should at least have level 5 of the VDWS standards (riding upwind, turn). In your first rental lesson one of our teachers will check your level.

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