Surf Lessons Brazil

Learning to surf in Galinhos

At our homespot you can easily learn how to surf, especially in the morning when there is no wind.
It´s a perfect spot for giving lessons, because there are no hazards, only sand on the ground, and you can also walk back to the line up on the beach.
Also children have no problems to learn this sport, because with the right tide conditions they can stand on their feet between the waves to rest. Also there are much easier small waves close to the beach.

Surf courses Galinhos

discovery course 1 hour (board handling, gliding in the wave, take off) 14,50€

basic course 6 hours (board handling, gliding, paddling, selecting waves, take off, riding) 130€

surfboard rental 1 hour from 5€

The brazilian hawaii

About 29 km offshore Galinhos is a special attraction for surfers.
The wave Urca do Minhoto is a famous gigantic up to 6 meter wave. It is also called “the brazilian hawaii” and only professionals can surf this huge wave. Nevertheless it is definitely worth checking it out. Boat excursions are being organized from Galinhos and take about 3-4 hours one way.

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